How do I get my site to rank higher?  Climb the ranks using these SEO strategies

One question I hear a lot is, “how do I get my site high up in the search rankings?” Well, that and “what is SEO?” To sum it up, SEO means getting your website to show up faster and higher in the search rankings. Ultimately, you can define it as the process of improving a site’s rank across web search engines. It is simple, the closer you are to the top, the more views you will be receiving.  In rankings, you never hear about the team that’s last (well, unless they’re that team that sets a record for the longest losing streak), but who wants to be that team? It is all about being at the top. That’s the name of the game.

Your Site Needs a Solid SEO Strategy

Inevitably, there have been many techniques in the past that SEOs have used on their sites in an attempt to outrank their competition, and there will be many more to come in the future, as we are dealing with a field that is constantly evolving.  To play the game, and to be able to beat the team, you have got to have some sort of strategy. Walking around wearing a blindfold won’t get you very far, will it? Then why would you expect your site to rank in a sea full of competitor’s sites that are implementing some sort of SEO strategy? In order to implement a SEO strategy, you must first understand the concept of SEO. No, I can’t explain it all in this article, nor do I intend to. This article is for the beginner. It is for those of you who are not implementing any SEO strategies whatsoever because you do not know anything about SEO. Until you do learn about SEO and understand the concept enough to implement your own strategy, I am going to share a few basic tips that you should implement in order for you to have a shot at ranking in the search engine results pages, or SERPs for a particular keyword or keyword phrase. Your first step should be finding out what keywords or keyword phrases you are wanting to compete for. Unfortunately, I will not be discussing the process of choosing your keywords and keyword phrases in this article. That is another topic of its own that I could write a book about. The tips that I am offering you in this article are presented to you under the assumption that you have already selected the keywords that you are competing for.

Quick Tips For Ranking Your Site

Without any further ado, here are some tips and strategies that will help you get your site ranked and potentially carry you all the way home to the top of the search rankings page.  As mentioned earlier in the week, there was an article about Google’s Panda update. Specifically, I am referring to Google Panda Update 4.0. Since this update, the strategy for ranking high has changed to longer, better quality articles.  Articles that go in to more detail are the way to go.  Keywords are still very important but now you can’t just throw together a short article that’s rich with keywords. I like to refer to it as “keyword stuffing”.  The next issue is links.  Links are very important and the strategy here should always be to have a high quality link.  What this means is, “gone are the days of just linking to low quality sites”, like a directory or some other random site.  Google will now take that as a bad link and you’ll never climb in the search rankings.  In the past, webmasters didn’t have to put much effort into their site’s SEO. Essentially, sites used to just have a bunch of low quality links because the more they had, the easier it was to climb the ranks and get to the top of the SERPs.  Now, it is all about quality.  If you are one of my regular readers, then you are already well aware of the fact that site content such as your site’s articles, is for the people and not the search engines. I explained this earlier in another article already.

Socialize – Advantages of Forums and Discussion Boards and Their Impact on Your Site

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Additionally, it is imperative to take advantage of forums and discussion boards.  The more posts you make writing articles, and providing a link to your site, the more your brand gets out there.  This is simple common sense brand awareness 101. Utilizing forums and discussion boards is a simple, and cost effective avenue that you can take advantage of and it really makes a difference.  There are plenty of huge forums to use such as Warrior Forums. Warrior Forums is one example of a powerful internet marketing forum that will seriously help you market your site. I strongly recommend that you visit forums like this one and sign up as a member. Who knows? Maybe you’ll even learn something!

The Inevitable Power of Social Media to Brand Your Site

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Lastly, and we talked a little about this yesterday, take advantage of social media.  Yesterday I published an article about Facebook’s implementation of a new algorithm for news feeds.  Use Facebook to share links, just make sure you familiarize yourself with the techniques mentioned in yesterday’s article on the new Facebook algorithm change to help your posts become more effective.  Definitely don’t forget to take advantage of YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and the power of WordPress and blogging.  There are plenty of social networks out there and new ones on the rise on a continuous basis. All of these platforms are great ways of getting your brand out there.  Remember though, quality content is everything now.  Quality really is king!