Google Plus – Marketing Tips


Google Plus E-Mail Campaign

There is no doubt about it, social media platforms, if used properly, can give your company a huge boost. Google Plus users are now able to send e-mails to contacts in their circles without having their email addresses. Gone are the days in which marketers had to build up lists of email addresses for campaigns. You can contact people either via Google Plus itself or through Gmail. In Google Plus, a user can check the box next to “Also send email to Your circles” to send the post as an email to contacts. On the receiving end, the email will appear in a contact’s Google mailbox, listed under the Social tab. You can also send contacts from your circles a personalized email by going to your contacts in Gmail, selecting a Google Plus circle and then choosing the people you want to send the email to. A default blank email will pop up in which you can add whatever you want and send it.

Critics have argued that allowing people to send you emails without you having disclosed your email address to them is a form of spamming. However, Google does inform you when you are added to someone’s circles and you willingly add other people to yours. Users can also opt out of receiving Google Plus emails from certain groups of users in their Gmail settings.

Tips for Email Campaigns using Google Plus

Tip 1: Interact with other users and followers

The key to turning Google Plus into a successful marketing platform in general is to engage with other users. If you start sending emails to people without having communicated with them in the past, they will likely either be annoyed with you, which will not be good for your reputation, or simply ignore you.

Interact with other users by posting frequent interesting and engaging content, creating hangouts and joining circles with similar interests to you or an interest in your offered product or services. Google Plus is about creating a presence and allowing the audience to follow. Remember the adage that content is king. The internet moves rapidly and unless your posts are good enough to make users stop, read and want to find out more, they will have a minimal effect.

Tip 2: Send emails to the right people

Google Plus has made it simpler to run campaigns via email, however it is recommended that you use this tool wisely in order to avoid people feeling irritated by receiving unsolicited emails. The platform allows you to send emails to anyone in your circles, even if they don’t have you in their circles nor follow you. A good indicator that someone is interested in what you have to say is having them follow you. Google notifies you every time another user adds you to their circles. Tracking this list of people by then adding them to your Google Plus circle will ensure that your list of contacts is continually updated with people who want to hear from you and who you can send controlled content to.

Tip 3: Save the emails for important updates and opportunities

Do not send an email with every update you post on Google Plus unless you do not use the platform very often. If you feel the platform is saturated with information and you want to make sure people do not miss your post, then send an email. However, if you are sending an email more than once a day, many people will consider it as too much. Sending too many emails even to interested parties, it will lead to them losing interest with the overabundance of information they are receiving.

A good way of managing campaigns is by making several posts during the day and only emailing your most important post, or a message which sums up everything you have added throughout the day. People who are interested will be prompted to look at the other things you have said.

Tip 4: Create personalized emails for unique opportunities

Use personalized emails for topics which are unique and cannot be adequately covered in a post. For example, surveys asking recipients what they would like to see happening in your industry, if they are happy with current products and offerings and how you can assist. If you are a blogger or content creator, perhaps ask people to contribute to the blog in exchange for credit. People like to be rewarded so if you are asking for something, offer something in return.

This method of emailing can also be used to secure your list of contacts and leads. People in your circles whose emails you may not have will respond, providing you with their full email address. This will make it simpler for you to contact them and offer them other products or information in the future.

Tip 5: Create a web of connections

The internet is a vast network of people and information. Make use of this to guide your circles, contacts and followers. Posts of Google Plus can include links to articles on your blog or your website, where people will find more information.

Email Limitations

Sending emails is limited to a maximum of 5,000 recipients daily on the Gmail website and Google Plus. Unfortunately there is no way around these limitations but for users to organize their campaigns in a way that reaches the intended users.

Sometimes the “You can’t send emails to that many people” warning on Google plus will appear when you attempt to share a post via email. This usually means that the number of recipients on Google Plus to which you want send to and the amount of recipients you have already send emails to for the day exceeds 5,000.

A user with thousands of contacts(the Google Plus limit for circles is 5,000) can organize their campaign over a few days and send batches of emails. You can also choose to only send emails to the contacts that have shown the most interest or interacted with you the most and only make posts to reach the other contacts, who will receive notifications about your post in Google Plus.

If you are desperate to increase your daily limits, you can open another Gmail or alternative email account. You can use Google Plus to get the email addresses from people in your circles through your correspondence with them. You can then send these people a separate email from the new account and only use Google Plus to email those users for which you do not have a full e-mail address.



Regardless of its limitations, Google Plus is a great platform for email marketing campaigns, creating an awareness of your brand and increasing your list of contacts of potential leads. Campaigns can be planned effectively in order to reach the most qualified leads and create a strong online presence.