Guest blogging secret for SEO


It seems that a lot of people are on the hunt for free blog sites. Why not? Blogging is definitely a good idea for many reasons. Whether you are wanting to put your name or brand out there, or trying to build some good backlinks the honest way, blogging can definitely help you achieve that. If you are doing this to build backlinks for your site, then you probably don’t want to be paying for each blog service. I can’t blame you. Spending a ton of cash for using multiple blog platforms isn’t exactly a great strategy. With that being said, I took the initiative to help you out and provide you with several free blogging platforms that you can use to further your brand name and gain exposure, or to build backlinks to your site.

What Happened to Guest Posting?

Not that long ago, many sites were looking for people to contribute to their site through participating in what is known as “Guest Posting”. Although there are still quite a few sites that allow guest posts, a lot of sites are shutting the service down. After looking into this, it is apparent that an increase in spammers has had a negative effect on many of these sites. PageRank is dropping and webmasters aren’t having it.

BUT… What does Matt Cutts say about Guest Blogging?

The video above is Matt Cutts in 2012. Even then it was inevitable that things would be changing soon. There is a fine line between quality guest posting and the garbage spam that a lot of webmasters were allowing their guests to publish on their sites. Some of these webmasters have paid the price as their sites were quickly stripped of their rank.

In 2013, everyone started to see “spammy” guest post articles all over the internet. Webmasters should have adopted “nofollow” links in their guest blog posts.

Listening to Matt Cutts in these videos should have been a clear indicator to everybody that Google would take action! Unfortunately, people don’t like to change things until its too late.

What is a Guest Post?

Guest Posting can be defined as the process of writing content for a site or blog other than your own. Guest posting is supposed to create a beneficial relationship between the guest that publishes the post and the webmaster whose site the post will be published to. The content author includes a link to his own site in the post which gives him a link back to his site and some extra exposure. Sounds like a great deal doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there are people in this world that choose to take advantage and abuse the privileges that they receive, and this type of behavior ruins it for everybody.


Guest posting can really help you increase your ranking. Especially if you are publishing your articles to a high PR site which in return will provide you with a link back to your site. It’s a good and clean method to build backlinks.