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It is absolutely plug-and-play and sounds outstanding. If you use Spaces to serve static or dynamic content for your website, you can also benefit from using the Spaces CDN (Content Delivery Network), which is available at no additional cost. Just arrived is the stunning Verdier Plantine turntable. See more ideas about hifi, hifi audio, audiophile. Six conférences sur les milieux aquatiques dulçaquicoles (bactéries des zones laiteuses, espèces invasives, le retour du saumon de la plaine du Rhin, la nappe phréatique d’Alsace). This release includes bug fixes and new Spaces data sources. Check 104 flipbooks of atelier, like Le Nord - 16 décembre, Le Nord - 9 décembre, Le Nord - 2 décembre on atelier&39;s bookshelf.

00 CAD Morch DP-6 Gold, 12" Tone arm "Blue Dot" (New) - 95. Oh yes, the Lignolab looks gorgeous too. - D&233;couvrez le tableau "Platines/Turntables & other" de bethmont marcel sur Pinterest.

Plinth from. As with the La Platine, the Nouvelle Platine features a plinth supported by a damped ‘air suspension’ and can be easily levelled in use. Blue Angel vinyl addict Posts: 5764 Joined: 20:15. The Spaces CDN is available in all regions where Spaces are available. Kullanıcılar bu fikirlere de bayılıyor. We are pleased to offer Audio Solutions Speakers, including the Figaro XL, the Figaro M, Vantage and the new Virtuoso as well as Alta Audio Speakers. in any way. Lenco L 78 (umgebaut ) Lenco L 78 with tonearm from Jelco (12") and Benz ACE S/H.

Feickert TONEARMS Dynavector, EMT, Jelco. The price is for the Verdier turntable + original Verdier motor. · A spare bottle of original Verdier spindle oil is included. Sold AS IS, but it functions.

· The Platine at the Hifi News show, utilising the excellent Modwright PH150 phono stage, widely adjustable to accept even ultra low output cartridges such as the Audionote IO (0. ideal for SPU. While he has high regards for the deck, his newer clients nevertheless prefer a Techdas iii than an &39;old&39; La Platine. vintage 70s Flower dress Still with tag cotton, to create a boho, hippie style look size: s please see measurements Perfect vintage condition Size s Measurements when garment laid flat Bust 16. DigitalOcean Spaces provide S3-compatible object platine verdier oil news storage which lets you store and serve large amounts of data. - Explore Audio Culture&39;s board "Tonearms", followed by 945 people on Pinterest. It has magnetic levitation, but thread drive. Payment is cash only or wire transfer.

Being a university lecturer, I don’t have, or want to have, the spare cash that is required to buy those to-die-for super decks, such as the Air-Forsel, the Platine Verdier, or the Teres. Vinylplaten Draaitafel Voorwerpen Vinyls Tecnologia Magneetband Muziek Accessoires. then came emt 930 (with 929 arm and tsd 15) and a BIG emt 927 (with. It turns out they were crazy platine verdier oil news -- crazy like a fox-- by being on to something new and fresh in audio, something that focused on musical realism. The bearing body is machined from solid brass and since an oil sump is used there is no need for using oil impregnated bronze bearing material for the bearing. A Thomas Schick 12&39;&39; tonearm can be add, with an extra. Classifieds: DEALER AD - Verdier La Platine - price reduce asking for 90.

- Explore Bachking's board "Garrard 301 & 401", followed by 128 people on Pinterest. A recent encounter with a JC Verdier dealer as well as a recent Audiogon discussion thread led to the start of this thread. - Cette &233;pingle a &233;t&233; d&233;couverte par RICHARD JUBAULT.

Actually, no. It seemed to be the target of the modifyer to sell upgrade parts along his feeling for being right. verdier hat auf 99designs einen individuellen Wettbewerb in der Kategorie webseiten-design erstellt. 4 layer ply base with walnut laminate top and hardwood. &0183;&32;By the platine verdier oil news way, if I'm not mistaken (and let Brf correct me, which, if I remember correctly, owns La platine) this turntable even at the friction points of the vertical bearing shaft with the Platter bushings uses oil rather than grease or self-lubricated bushings (which must fill intermittently from a hole somewhere next to the spiendle). "Nul n'est proph&232;te en son pays" as we say in France which means approximately platine verdier oil news that it is more difficult to be honored in your own country than abroad. JC Verdier La Platine. The Verdier La Platine, was (and still is) a great pick-up.

It is in excellent/mint condition,120 V version, DC motor with original fine speed adjustments on the motor. Blog, Talk, and News Trades and Things Product Offerings. Brinkmann, Well Tempered Lab, La Platine Verdier, Wax Engine, Dr. &0183;&32;Imho the Platine is one of the greatest TT ever made and it has suffered from unfair critics especially here in France. &0183;&32;We moved between two turntables – a Shindo-modified Garrard 301, and J. Multimedia Draaitafel Musica Frezen. The construction is of quality and weight. Kostenlose Lieferung f&252;r viele Artikel!

Melco showed the heavy three-legged platters. Avec nos bureaux franchisés, nous sommes situés dans plus de 100 pays. Platine Verdier Already in 1977 the first Melco turntable was presented at the Japanese Audio Fair. Location: London, UK; platine verdier oil news Real Name: Keith; Wigwam Info. JC Verdier La Platine Turntable. by Beninski. For further information please contact us at removed email for privacy.

That this is definately not the failure of the Platine Verdier. There is the original supply of bearing oil, silk thread for making "belts", an original rubber belt, all mounting hardware, manual, ac cord, and original packing materials. I have tried to platine verdier oil news capture this orienting the tonearm differently to the light in the photographs. The musical realism, the exquisite textures & colors, and the dynamic truths that L&180;Audiophile achieved so easily in their demonstrations using DH-SET amplifiers, Altec-Onken & Voice of the Theatre loudspeaker systems, and playing records on a Platine Verdier turntable, impressed a lot of people, and the SET, horns, and vinyl approach to musical nirvana started to go viral, working it's way. · We platine verdier oil news moved between two turntables – a Shindo-modified Garrard 301, and J. Now you can jump on the old wooden floor next to the turntable and the Platine Verdier is just playing on.

in the last years i fiddled around with various garrards (301,401), a thorens 124/II - all were fitted with the usual sme 3012 and either denon dl 103 or ortofon spu. &0183;&32;Michell Engineering GyroDec Top High End Turntable Plattenspieler Gramofon - Orbe Platter - SME M2-9 Tonarm - Koetsu Red Wooden Cartridge. We are demonstrating the new Meyer Tonapparate YONNA loudspeaker, Riviera Lab APL-01 tube preamp, AFM-50 Class-A Amplifiers, AIC-10 Integrated, JC Verdier La Platine turntable, Sumile phono cartridge, A23 Hommage T1 Step Up Transformer & cables and Meyer. Of all transformers I had (I had many) only the Kondo SFz was near the A23 Hommage. It was used in a system with a 0,000 Audio Note preamplifier, so no excuses need be made for it (it was traded against a Reference Lenco MKIII). Because Spaces are an object storage implementation, use cases like databases, applications written in server-side languages, and mission-critical applications will work best with local storage or block storage.

237) I have a long experience of the Goldmund but only a short audition of the Verdier. The Thorens did not have either the dynamic impact of the Verdier nor platine verdier oil news the deep bass of the Scheu, but it was crisp and clear and I enjoyed it, it was real fun with pop music, and I liked the Thorens very much in midrange and. Classic&39; is a worthy designation: the sleek lines of this beautiful cartridge/head remind one of a vintage 1950s sports car. if you need a belt for any other model that is not shown, or any other turntable, or electronic component. It is in perfect working condition. Draaitafel Vinyls Technologie Luidspreker Muziek Idee&235;n. He was in my house updating my La Platine which had been in platine verdier oil news storage for ten years with thread and oil. Having said platine verdier oil news this there are a very small handfull of turntables (our own included) which will far surpass older.

, 04:59 PM 29. · The culmination of J. Auditorium 23 Hommage T1; The best / most satisfying step up transformer I encountered. **TEAC** is reputed to have marketed a similar "magnetic suspension" turntable. - The Sota Millennia uses a state of the art suspension with open chassis plinth and vacuum platter for a world class performance.

00) Soapstone Isolation Base - 32" x 20" x 2", 0. 00 CAD Granito Tone Arm Bases by Verdier (Aluminum, Two Piece 5. 92) Posted by ptaylor on, 08:27:06 (82.

- Explore Mark ThomasdeRosa's board "Hi-Fi" on Pinterest. Spécialiste français du traitement des déchets contenant des métaux précieux et spéciaux | Valorema est spécialisée dans le traitement et la. The Spaces CDN now has separate caches for unique URLs, including query strings. Is it worth replacing the motor drive or purchasing a new turntable? Looking for atelier&39;s bookshelf? Spaces are available in NYC3, SFO2, SGP1, and FRA1. com has been visited by 10K+ users in the past month.

To banish friction, the bottom half of the turntable’s platter is supplemented with a permanent magnet. Well it does not imply that the Platine Verdier is really worse than an acrylic platter DIY kit, but my Platine Verdier was a used one, and presumably in not optimal condition. Like its bigger brother, the Nouvelle also uses a totally separate motor. See Notes on The Belt-Drive Turntable. We are making sweet sound and playing great music. We put a record on the Scheu and the Platine, and also on above modified Thorens. This release includes VPC support and expanded Spaces support. TURNTABLE Belt.

Diy Turntable platine verdier oil news Bearing. Voir plus d'id&233;es sur le th&232;me Platines, Vinyle, Platine vinyle thorens. - Explore James Whitacre's board "Turntables" on Pinterest. Note there is minor marking on headshell and tonearm base upper face typically found with use of mounting bolt washers. Jean-Constant Verdier proposed his Platine Verdier with its 20 kg heavy platter and magnetic bearing, first described in l'Audiophile magazine from France. The Verdier Nouvelle Platine takes the basic design and fundamental engineering principles from the ‘La Platine’, and offers similar sonic presentation in a lower-cost package. And we continue to be blessed with the work of other artisans, such as Keith Aschenbrenner (Auditorium 23), Don Garber (Fi), Taku Hyodo (Leben), Junji Kimura (47 Laboratory), Greg Roberts (Volti), J. Original feet suspension to accommodate heavier arm pod.

See more ideas about hifi, turntable, audiophile. The solid wood Arm board and DIN interconnect cable are included. Well i think it is time to put pen to paper so to say and write a few words about my new nouvelle platine verdier - probably the last turntable i will ever own. High End Munich was an incredible show, particularly for the introduction of new analog gear.

At that time, I had a Platine Verdier and a Scheu turntable both running side by side. Bespoke Analog. Cream-white Garrard 301 Oil-Bearing. Auditorium 23 sells this replica in Germany & J.

Keith says that the Platine Verdier is still the most successful product he has in his product line. Oswalds Mill Audio. Post by Blue Angel &187;. See more ideas about turntable, hifi, garrard turntable. 5“ long Shoulder to bottom 43“ Free waist and hip. &0183;&32;I'm sure you have heard of the La Platine Verdier, then. &0183;&32;Other Oil Rigs are available:) Quote; Share this post.

CDNs reduce page load times, improve performance, and reduce your bandwidth and infrastructure costs by caching your assets across a set of geographically distributed servers. Verdier had stopped making Granite plinths long time ago due to the very high cost of manufacture, and since then, they are made from MDF. &0183;&32;Thanks Carl888 and others for your excellent photos and TonyM's report on the Aries Cerat system in particular. Additional storage beyond this allotment is . Fully refurbished mechanics, new spindle bearings, filled the unused holes and finished in a bronze hammertone paint. Spaces work with Droplets in all regions.

Here it is for what it is worth. into a more practical form and created a replica of the Platine Granito, and called it "Vintage" Platine Verdier. &0183;&32;Likewise, another similar rebuild of mine outperformed a Platine Verdier. Turn Table: GPA Monaco; Tone Arm & Cartridge: Triplanar 12" SUT / Phono Stage: Dyna XV1-S XV1-T; Digital Source 1: Weiss platine verdier oil news MAN 301; Digital Source 2: MAN301. You can create them in a few seconds and use them immediately with no configuration. Cabling was a mix platine verdier oil news of Shindo, and Auditorium 23.

Each incorporates a carefully designed bearing system – using complete magnetic isolation on the La Platine and a unique oil bath on the Nouvelle Platine – an extremely heavy platter and. Flow Cytometry-definitions & principles-news applications in cytomics. Shindo appears in Germany In L´Audiophile magazine, Jean Hiraga had been writing about Japanese audio and their tradition of tube amplifiers (mostly triodes) and highly sensitive loudspeakers. kaydeden Burak Akcali. If you need additional information or images l will be pleased to. Once connected to the Droplet, use the Local site windows to navigate the directories of your local machine and locate the files you want to upload.

Shindo appears in Germany In L&180;Audiophile. Since. &0183;&32;Home FAQ Suchen Mitgliederliste Benutzergruppen Registrieren Profil Einloggen, um private Nachrichten zu lesen FAQ Suchen Mitgliederliste Benutzergruppen Registrieren Profil Einloggen, um private Nachrichten zu lesen.

Hifi Stereo Hifi Audio High End Turntables Turntable Cartridge Vinyl Room Audio Room Record Players Phonograph Audiophile. 169: Re: Goldmun Studio vs JC Verdier Platine Verdier (2. Although I tried several motors, and found that a current production original DC motor, borrowed from another Platine Verdier owner, sounded a lot better, the. La Platine Verdier Turntable in Oswalds Mill Audio slate plinth. A while back i got some very very powerfull rare earth magnets on Ebay with the notion of building a T/T platine verdier oil news support using the magnets to repel each other 1 at each corner repelling and 1 more powerfull magnet at the centre attracting, on each of the 2 halves of the support, i havnt decided on the material for the platforms yet, and while waiting for the numerous blood. Verdier La Nouvelle Platine Turntable + 12&39;&39; Thomas Schick tonearm.

- table tournante hight end. The All Stars Travel Group (ATG) est une organisation internationale avec son siège aux États-Unis. For sell is a Verdier La Platine magnetic suspension turntable in excellent condition. We sell the finest audio components and music systems from manufacturers in USA, England, Germany and Japan. D&233;couvrez vos propres &233;pingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les.

Testing the New VYGER Indian Signature Turntable With the VISION Tonearm Review by Vangelis Lazarou. I had a Goldmund Studio mkIV for about 12. La Platine Turntable only - 95. Nearly 20 years have passed since that original request to resume production. 00 Soapstone Tone Arm Bases for Platine Verdier - 0.

I purchased this as a backup to my Denon DP 60L and is comparable in most respects. Let me put it in another way. The base rate of a Spaces subscription is /month and gives you the ability to create multiple Spaces. Mr Verdier, RIP, was not a marketing or a business guy. View Top Market Reports on Your Industry & Get Immediate Download Access. Valorema | 97 followers on LinkedIn. Micro Seiki introduced heavy turntables also and by 1979 Jean-Constant Verdier - who is known for his involvement in the French ERA turntables in the 1970s - had his first Platine Verdier ready, initially proposed as a DIY kit in the French high.

Andrews Audio Grail Sable Special Edition Garrard 301 Turntable in a Cusworth plinth. Last day of the show, 10-4pm. Having been a professional musician in the past, I found this closer to the real thing than just about any other system I've heard at shows that I can recall. and sufficient finances! Verdier) "HI-FI NEWS - February 1999" To my Darling - DAS OHR issue Nø 29 December 1989 Learning to levitate From Newspaper : AUDIOFILE - the Star - JuneABGESANG UND NEUANFANG - High Fidelity und Musik - 11 November 1992 HI-FI+ Issue 12 Jul/Aug - Issue. Elle ravira tout amateur de maxi des ann&233;es 80 rien que pour son look et sa robustesse.

It is in excellent/mint condition, DC motor with original fine speed adjustments on the motor. Many audiophiles have commented on the ‘very good’ sound that can be had from old rim drive Garrards. View Profile View Forum Posts Diamond Join Date Nov Location Birmingham, AL Posts 13,230 Post Thanks / Like Likes (Given) 6617 Likes (Received) 2564. Quelle platine! Thorens designed "Der Referenz" which seemed to have traits of an offshore oil rig that could withstand the heaviest storms and tides. **Requesting information on it. Famous among audiophiles the world over, BD Audio are incredibly pleased to be able to offer the JC Verdier La Platine and Nouvelle Platine turntables. Buyer pays shipping and insurance.

See more ideas about turntable, hifi, diy turntable. Pitch Perfect Audio, Palm Desert, California. Sonare Coeli remains the preeminent authority on analog and digital audio in the USA. And there still exist a number of pioneering manufacturers that make high-quality goods in small, independent. But the excellent tracking ability of the Ortofon SPU Classic is also important. The turntable comes in 4 boxes, I will ship each double boxed to protect the cartons and contents. · Transfer Files with FileZilla.

Verdier, throughout Europe, at a higher price than the stock MDF plinth version. Without tonearm price is 00, I have a few I could roll up with it to make a good overall deal, contact me for details. See more ideas about Hifi, Turntable, Phonograph. Clearly, the Platine Verdier provides a good solid foundation for the arm and cartridge to do their job. Two transducers were auditioned: The Auditorium 23 Hommage 755, and Shindo’s flagship Latour field-coil loudspeakers. This from that client, who mounted a Dynavector DV-507 MKII: “Well, got the stock i/c on the Dyna, and not all tweaked yet, and nothing sitting on stand, without isolation, and it betters the Verdier. Weitere Ideen zu plattenspieler, schallplattenspieler, schallplatten.

This French table may be new to you but its been available for years. The subscription includes 250 GiB of data storage (cumulative across all of your Spaces). The bearing spindle has a large surface area to maximize viscous damping. See more results. Sie haben eine Vielzahl einzigartiger Ideen von professionellen Designern erhalten und ihren Favoriten ausgew&228;hlt. Original J.

Security Check Required. Data transfer is automatically secured with HTTPS, and the available storage capacity scales seamlessly. Spaces are ideal for storing static, unstructured data like audio, video, and images as well as large amounts of text. We received a lot of feedback by owners of a Platine Verdier who claimed that there was something dramatically going wrong.

Verdier La Platine, but remained rock-steady with the Shindo Monbrison preamplifier, and Cortese stereo power amplifier. Many many modern decks are no better than older designs and a modern budget deck will not outperform a reputable elderly mid-market deck. Pour en savoir plus sur ta personnalité et préparer ton avenir découvre le test d&39;orientation gratuit de Futurness coach en orientation scolaire et pro. Verdier (Platine Verdier), and scores of others whose work I have yet to hear.

- Finden Sie Top-Angebote f&252;r Deckplatte Platte face plate ice blue f&252;r Thorens TDbei eBay. But the A23 T1 is more organic and coherent than the Kondo. Festival "au fil de l&39;eau", Verviers, Belgique, du 25 au 27 mars. It also has a very silent but. Local pick-up is welcome. See full list on digitalocean.

thwarted again! There were also the. ROUND CROSS SECTION BELT. The answer to this question depends on the value and performance of your platine verdier oil news deck. perform at its best. Elle est belle et tr&232;s bien construite. - Erkunde Andreas Blonks Pinnwand „Plattenspieler“ auf Pinterest.

With its unique magnetic bearing system, heavy platter and separate motor drive system, the La news Platine is a masterpiece of engineering designed to provide a lifetime of listening pleasure. For sale is an almost unused J C Verdier La Platine turntable. Visit us at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, room 563!

It will come with an original Verdier stand alone motor, power cord, original Verdier supplied thread and rubber belt, oil, syringe, manual + new SME 3012 armboard. The La Platine uses the most rudimentary of scientific principles to minimize friction, the bane of civilization. The Spaces CDN points of presence are in the following locations:. EP PressService Compte certifié @ EuroParlPress The Press Service of the European Parliament. It's the stuff of dreams. - Explore RICHARD SWIONTEK&39;s board "tonearms" on Pinterest. Dek Laufwerk & Jack Herren Bowlingschuhe - Grau - Klettband, 9 UK Features Obermaterial Kunstleder Unterst&252;tzend kn&246;chelriemen N&228;hte. Hier k&246;nnen Sie eine neue Tonarmbasis aus Mineral Casting erwerben.

Easily installed and superb on a Verdier La Platine with Decca SC4E Dynavector XXI and on an early Townshend Rock. Verdier&39;s 30 years of research into turntable design and engineering, the La Platine is huge. Famous among audiophiles the world over, BD Audio are incredibly pleased to be able to offer the JC Verdier La Platine turntable. We were just throwing ideas around, but.

He was an. N1 62 cm Belt PLATINE. &0183;&32;Thankyou for the information on the Platine Verdier! ** Much appreciated. 0of the DigitalOcean Terraform Provider is now available. html Verdierby Jack Durant, on Flickr. Surface area for the Teres bearing is 75cm^2 compared to the Platine Verdier at 60cm^2. They figured out the cartridge shielding somehow.

If you cancel your subscription by destroying all your Spaces, your bill will be prorated hourly. Having had the Verdier La Platine turntable at the front end (with many platine verdier oil news upgrades from me) for some years, and having tested many, really many other turntables, I thought the war was over. PLATINE VERDIER HIFIPLUS. It will be very well packed for shipment. Link to post Share on other sites. The separate Tron Motor + Tron power supply is not available anymore. Better dynamics great bass extension, while tightening the bass.

Le fameux TP9 SFX Mod2 Tungsten d&233;j&224; pr&233;sent dans les stands et &233;lu Gun de l'ann&233;e aux US est dor&233;navant disponible avec une finition custom et surtout un canon filet&233; de 1. The turntable base comprises. Voir plus d&39;idées sur le thème vinyle, platine, platine vinyle thorens. If I owned ones of these I probably would not waste my time with my ‘old clunker’, or would I? Like its bigger brother, the Nouvelle. Suspension of the turntable platter. La très haute Fidélité le laboratoire Verdier. La Platine VERDIER Page 1 of 25 HIGH END TURNTABLES and VACUUM TUBES AMPLIFIERS "La Platine Verdier" Articles TO MY PIRATES (J.

Alexandre de Montpellier. Classic beauty and sound. 5” adjustable Sleeves 9. Laboratoire Verdier La Nouvelle Platine (A23 version) For me it's the ideal of a functional, solid, perfect sounding and gorgeous looking turntable. Purite Audio 1 Purite Audio 1 Wammer; Dealer (Upgrade Expired) 1 6,876 posts; Personal Info. There was more to report than we covered, but most of what we have not covered will not be imported to America.

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